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Subject:Citizen Nun
Time:08:55 pm January 29th, 2017
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I went to the town hall meeting for my state legislative district. The format was basically a little speechifying followed by over an hour of written questions from voters. I submitted a couple.
Bad: My state senators & Representative are all Democrats, and the district is super lefty - ah, north Seattle, home of Buddhist prayer flags, where even the criminals drive Volvos - so I'm not sure how much of an impact I really could have had. There were times when it was a bit of a rally.
Good: The state reps had an excellent suggestion for maximizing our impact: activate your friends & family in swing districts, notably the Lake Washington school district (i.e. Kirkland & Bothell), Puyallup, and, if I remember correctly, Lakewood.
Good: The assistants running things said attendance was about quadruple what it usually is.
Good, in a sense: Most of the people there, including me, had never been to a town hall like that before.
Aw, yeah: My question about HB 1011, the anti-trans bathroom bill, got read to all assembled. (Who was that other queer girl in back, I wonder?) Rep. Noel Frame says it won't even get a hearing in the state House. My other question was about what'll happen if the feds repeal the Affordable Care Act. The answer was that the mighty and awesome Evergreen State will Just Do It, I guess like Massachusetts did it before Obama.

I went to the No Ban No Wall rally at Westlake. I lucked out and ran into [personal profile] minim_calibre, and stood with her for an hour. I could make out very little of the speechifying; I think they need ravers to set up their sound system for adequate quality & quantity. Had to pee, walked and bused to work, peed, made a dinner out of the snacks I brought, went home. Yeah, I missed the march, but I don't think I'll be missed: hyumons jammed the streets for at least a block in every direction.
Write a fatwa.
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Time:08:57 pm January 30th, 2017
Elon Musk is asking the public for ideas on what and how to adjust this executive order muslim ban. While I know the gut answer is "rip it up", I'm hoping someone(s) can come up with -reasonable- compromises.
Because We need to occupy the space between the I-don't-like-different/they're-going-to-kill-my-children side and the we're-all-human/share-everything-you-own side. Neither side is going to be wished away. IMHO
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